2012 Entrants Bio

2012 Ultraman World Championships
Athlete Bios

BeersLaurie09 Laurie Beers, F58, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Occupation: Lifeguard
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 32:12:12. 2010 Ironman World Championships finish time 12:31:08. 8 Ironmans, 10 Alii Challenge Swims, 20+ years of marathon running, 23+ years of triathlon training and racing, possibly the oldest woman beach lifeguard in the state of Hawaii.
Entering Ultraman because: A new learning experience of racing in a sport I’ve done for so long. These are fun people, from start to finish!
CREW: Swim Escort: Mike Rendich Land Crew:

Katherine Calder-Becker
, F48, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation: Art Director
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 27:54:36. 2012 Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Mont Tremblant, 2011 Ultraman Canada.
Entering Ultraman because: I LOVE the lifestyle. I love to ride my bike, swim and run. Travel and making new friends in endurance sport is such a great gift that has enriched my life.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kathy Lindsay & Nancy Collins Land Crew: Anne Heinl, Lucy Ryan
DegazonSuzy09 Suzy Degazon, F48, Covina, CA, USA
Occupation: PADI Scuba Instructor
Races: 15th time Ultraman. 2010 Ultraman World Championships finish time 32:08:38. Boston Marathon, numerous double centuries, 50 mile trail runs.Entering Ultraman because: I love Ultraman in Hawaii. I love the ohana of the event, true Hawaii, I enjoy the challenge of pushing the mind and body through 3 days of doing what I love.
CREW: Swim Escort:Rafael Ramirez Land Crew: Al Wiscovitch, Tammy Nichols-Kelly, Montana Wiscovitch
Ingrid Hillhouse, F39, Houston, TX, USA
Occupation: Engineer
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 29:40:57. 2011 Ultraman Canada. 2012 Rocky Racoon 50 mile trail run, Triple Bypass Bicycle tour.
Entering Ultraman because: The journey to Ultraman Canada last year and completing the event with my crew, the other athletes and crews in Canada was the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in my life so far.
CREW: Swim Escort: Cheryl Villegas Land Crew: Ramona Wofford, Heather Herrick, Jeff McMahan, David Lynch (pacer)
Tracey McQuair, F37, Penticton, BC, CANADA
Occupation: Physiotherapist
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman United Kingdom Women’s Champion (finish time 26:43:30) , 2010 Ultraman Canada 26:08:24.
Entering Ultraman because: it’s the best event/family out there!
CREW: Swim Escort: Dick & Sue Roberts  Land Crew:  Steve & Maria Brown, Milton & Heather Guign, Kevin Wilson
Yasuko Miyazaki, F35, Setagawa, Tokyo, JAPAN
Occupation: Triathlete/Office Worker
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman United Kingdom Women’s Champion finish time 28:01:42
Entering Ultraman because: I like endurance sports. Triathlon is individual sport but ULTRAMAN is team sport, so I like it.
CREW: Swim Escort: John Roberts Land Crew: Toshi Mochizuki
Amber.Monforte Amber Monforte, F34, Reno, NV, USA
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships Women’s Champion (finish time 24:42:02) Ultraman World Championship course record holder– 24:07:11. 2009 Ultraman Canada Women’s Champion (finish time 25:36:49). 2012 Western States 100 time 22:34:45
Entering Ultraman because: I enjoy the process and what I learn about myself in both the training and racing. The people at Ultraman are what keep me coming back each year.
CREW: Swim Escort: Karen Crawford & Don Coskran Land Crew: Ryan Weibel, David Monforte,
Joni Moore, F46, Salado, TX, USA
Occupation: I believe in people
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman Canada finish time 27:14:01, 2010 Ironman Florida, 2008 Ironman World Championships.
Entering Ultraman because: I believe in the power of the mind and the body and I believe I was blessed with the skills and the will to challenge myself. To share my experiences with people I coach and talk to inspires.
CREW: Swim Escort: Tammy Harbison Land Crew: Mike Moore, Tammy Harbison
Amy Palmiero-Winters Amy Palmiero-Winters, F40, Hicksville, NY, USA Occupation: Consultant/Mentor/Coach
Races: First time Ultraman. 2011 Badwater Ultramarathon. 2010 Western States 100 (first athlete w/ prosthesis to finish!), 3 100 mile races, 2 24hr races, Ironman Malaysia 2008, North Face Endurance Series (5 50 mile trail races), pushed 3 children in wheelchairs in marathons, 2009 Sullivan Award Winner for top Amatuer Athlete in US. 2010 ESPY Award for Best Female Athlete with Disability, WIlma Rudolph Courage Award winner, 2010 Challenged Athletes Foundation Trail Blazer Award.
Entering Ultraman because:I absolutely love it and this race, the Ultraman, is unlike anything I have ever done. It has become a family full of support.
CREW: Swim Escort: Sammie Stanbro  Land Crew: Chad & Elise Foster
Kathy Winkler, F46, Mill Valley, CA, USA
Occupation: Teacher
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2010 Ultraman World Championships finish time 25:36:23. 2011 Ironman World Championships 10:33:35.
Entering Ultraman because: Love it! Keeps my head on straight. Love a challenge, a goal and it helps me be a better mother, wife and role model.
CREW: Swim Escort:Peter McIntosh & Franklin Marcus Land Crew: Peter McIntosh, Edmundo Vasquez and Tammy Miller-Vasquez
Josef Ajram, M34, Barcelona, SPAIN
Occupation: Athlete/Stockbroker
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2009 Ultraman Canada finish time 25:03:04, Epic5, 3 times Marathon Des Sables.
Entering Ultraman because: Love Ultraman family!
CREW: Swim Escort: Nacho Gomez  Land Crew: Sergi, Sulaika, Nacho Gomez
Ellis Andrews, M68, Penticton, BC, Canada
Occupation: Retired
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2009 Ultraman World Championships finish time 33:51:21. 2012 Ironman Canada.
Entering Ultraman because: The people you meet. The Big Island is a special place and this event is one of the most special events in the world. Ultraman World Championships is without a doubt the best event I have ever taken part in. It is special!
CREW: Swim Escort: Clark Wilcox Land Crew:  Susan Kain-Andrews, Jerry Mitchell, Joanne Cardinal
Becker.Kevin Kevin Becker, M48, Montreal, QC, Canada
Occupation: Sales
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 27:00:24. 2011 Ultraman Canada. 2012 Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Mont Tremblant.
Entering Ultraman because: I don’t like to set limits on myself, and don’t like to be told that I can’t do something…Ultraman is the ultimate test of mental and physical endurance, but embodies a spirit like no other event on the planet–the crews, volunteers and teams. I am hoping to complete my dream of participating in the “double” Ultraman Canada and Ultraman World Championships in 2012, along with my wife Katherine!
CREW: Swim Escort: Bo Pardeau Land Crew:Cassie Becker, Linnea Rossitter, David Ahrens
Kevin.Brown Michael Brown, M39, St. Albert. Alberta, CANADA
Occupation: Race Director, Great White North Triathlon
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 28:15:00.
Entering Ultraman because: For the challenge and sense of community. I have never felt so close to people that barely knew 3 days before.
CREW: Swim Escort: Dona Martinson & Jeremy Kyne  Land Crew:  Clare Downing, Jeremy Kyne, Kevin Cutjar
Rusty Carter , M37, San Jose, CA USA
Occupation: Director of Product Management
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:39:06. 2010 Vineman 12:57, 2010 Ironman Cozumel 12:15, 2011 Vineman 11:37, 2011 SFBay 10k Bridge to Bridge Swim 1:21
Entering Ultraman because: I participate in ultra-endurance sports because they prove to me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. It is also satisfying to have my participation in these activities inspire others to become more active and healthy. Ultraman has helped me build a team of people racing to change their own lives and inspire others to help their community and others in need. I hope to race again this year and keep that momentum!
CREW: Swim Escort:Serena Boyles  Land Crew: Russ Carter, Jeff Watts, Holly Carter, Kerry Howell
blank Juan Craveri , M44, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation: Business Owner
Races: 5th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:14:15, 2011 Ultraman United Kingdom finish time 30:18:56, 2011 Ultraman Canada 30:19:16, 2012 Ironman NYC, Ironman Mont Tremblant, Ironman Lanzarote.
Entering Ultraman because: More distance, less people. Love Ultraman family.
CREW: Swim Escort: Pam Miller  Land Crew: Jen McVeay and Summer Maxwell
Cokan_Nino2010 Nino Cokan , M39, Celje, SLOVENIA
Occupation: Event Organizer
Races: 4th times Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 24:17:46. ABSA Cape Epic 2010, 2009 Ironman Australia.
Entering Ultraman because: It is all about fun.
CREW: Swim Escort: Tina Flower  Land Crew: Kerri Tobin, Tina Flower, Elliott Parsons
Michael Deitchman, M36, Sunnyvale, CA , USA
Occupation: Student/Designer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman Canada finish time 32:37:59
Entering Ultraman because: I love the family spirit in ultra sports and the sense that everyone out there supporting everyone else. I’ve always wanted to race in Hawaii and this is the perfect race for it. Haven’t been to Kona since my honeymoon!
CREW: Swim Escort: Jen McDaniel  Land Crew:  Joan Deitchman, Diane Garabino, JEff Deslich
Christopher Draper Christopher Draper, M35, Hamilton, NJ, USA
Occupation: Registered Dietician
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 25:59:58. 2009-2012 Ironman Lake Placid.
Entering Ultraman because: To practice I preach… live each day to the fullest and motivate/inspire along the way.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kate Shannon  Land Crew: Michelle Miller, Jim Dennis
Mark Ford, M50, Carlsbad, CA ,USA
Occupation: Phys Ed teacher
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2009 Ultraman World Championships finish time 26:21:05. 2011 Ironman World Championships 10:03:01.
Entering Ultraman because: Nothing helps me appreciate my health better than getting up in the morning and putting my body through a workout whether it’s a shorty run before work or an all-day affair such as Ironman. Ultraman allows me to to accomplish this three days in a row.
CREW: Swim Escort: Monique Peacock Land Crew: Tish Taylor, Michael Jacobs, Gregg Hewitt
Foulk_Cory Cory Foulk , M53, Kailua-Kona, HI USA
Occupation: Architect/Scientist
Races: 20th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:17:23. 2010 Ironman World Championships finish time 14:43:52–on a Schwinn fixed gear bike, 2008, 2007 Ironman World Championships, 2007 Ironman Revisited, 2007 Ironman Nice. Most Ultraman Finishes on Earth. Most Ultraman DNF’s on Earth
Entering Ultraman because: Of the two iterations of “old timers” in triathlon—“elder statesman” or “bleeding deacon”, I strive for the first. My task is to introduce new people to our sport while participating with as much grace as I can muster. To hold the oral history of this sport and pass it on. Every sport needs an old foil-hatter. I am he.
CREW: Swim Escort: Rebecca Dewhirst & Kathy Land Crew:Lana Williams,
Stephen Johnson, M50, Regina, SK ,Canada
Occupation: Economist
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2007 Ultraman World Championships finish time 32:41:13. 42 Ironman finishes (8 doubles, 13 singles, 1 triple, 1 deca).
Entering Ultraman because: 1. The finish line pose-down with CJ Ong, Jr. 2. To continue research on the volatile combination of fatigue, beer, a microphone, and an audience at the awards banquet.
CREW: Swim Escort: Daniel Manzo  Land Crew: Mary, Marit, Erik & Anders Johnson, Russ Neff
Miro Kregar Miro Kregar , M50, Stahovica, SLOVENIA
Occupation: Techincian Telecommunication
Races: 6th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 23:33:11 2010 Ironman Austria.
Entering Ultraman because: Regarding on my age, I love longer triathlons–especially on lava field!
CREW: Swim Escort: Derinda Thatcher and Rick Merschdorf  Land Crew: Lozje Rifl, Meta Kregar, Mira Rifl
Miro’s Peugeot Commerical
blank Trung Lively , M44, Winter Park, FL USA
Occupation: Endurance Coach
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 29:57:24
Entering Ultraman because: Ultra distance events are a test of your mental state. The act of even thinking, participating or even finishing reflects on the type of person you are. As for Ultraman, it is more about the preparation and the friendliness of the race.
CREW: Swim Escort: Jamie Pardau Land Crew: Sway Lively, Rob Van Geen, Shirley Pratt
Alan Macpherson, M39, Bury St Edmunds, GREAT BRITAIN
Occupation: Detention Officer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman United Kingdom finish time 26:47:03. 2011 Outlaw Iron distance triathlon.
Entering Ultraman because: I do ultra distance sports simply because it brings out the best positive aspects of myself. I get satisfaction from doing this with an illness as it also inspires and encourages others to achieve great things through health and life adversity.
CREW: Swim Escort:  Kaeti Ecker Land Crew:  Dawn Swain, Jennifer Watt, Sarah McElroy
Peter Mueller, M50, Kloten, SWITZERLAND
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Races: 6th time Ultraman. 2009 Ultraman World Championships finish time 29:22:04. 2012 Zurich marathon and 2011 Las Vegas marathon.
Entering Ultraman because: Once Ultra-distance–Always Ultra-distance. Once ULTRAman Hawaii–FOREVER ULTRAman Hawaii.
CREW: Swim Escort: Andre Lindhardt  Land Crew: Marcel Anner, Roland Reifler
okeeffe_tony Tony O’Keeffe , M51, Ottawa, Canada
Occupation: Canadian Military
Races: 5th time Ultraman. 2008 Ultraman World Championships finish time 22:31:54. Solo RAAM 2010, 4th place overall.
Entering Ultraman because: I enjoy training and racing, the longer the better.
CREW: Swim Escort: Paul O’Dell  Land Crew: Jackie Cowley, Andre Boucher, Paul O’Dell, Jay Cowley
Roberto Parseghian, M42, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Occupation: Businessman
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman Canada finish time 26:38:44.
Entering Ultraman because: I am ironman more than 8 years, I did 9 times. I change my distance for the Ultra.
CREW: Swim Escort: Rick Tom  Land Crew: Debora Parseghian, Joey Keeney, Stephanie Wallace
Patzina_Roland09 Roland Patzina, M46, Kempten, Bavaria, GERMANY
Occupation: Truckdriver
Races: 8th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:24:37. 2009 Triple Ultra Triathlon Lensahn, Triple Ironman Germany 10 times in sequence (German Record) best time 49:32:02, 5 double Ironman, 2010 Lanzarote Solo-deca-triathlon challenge.
Entering Ultraman because: For my age is the best sport.
CREW: Swim Escort: Armin Guenther Land Crew: Paul Aguirre, Armin Guenther, Sherri Wood-Ferrenhttp://www.triathlon-patzina.de/
peruta_adam20101 Adam Peruta, M34, Syracuse, NY, USA
Occupation: College Professor
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 28:57:41 2010 Ultraman Canada.
Entering Ultraman because: Ultra endurance events are physically and mentally challenging. Ultraman is all about the people, the other athletes, crews, and volunteers are amazing.
CREW: Swim Escort:  Alyssa & Phil Pendergast  Land Crew: Julie Vernon, Gina Torres, Beckie Auyer
Raymond_Marty2010 Martin Raymond, M50, Cumberland, ON, CANADA
Occupation: Fitness & Sports Instructor
Races: 9th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 30:09:32, Ottawa Triathlon.
Entering Ultraman because: There is nothing like suffering with friends.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kira Sirois Land Crew: Staci Studer, Karen Hand, Kira Sirois
Alexandre Ribeiro Alexandre Ribeiro, M47, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Occupation: Coach
Races: 7th time Ultraman. 2010 Ultraman World Championships finish time 23:52:46, Five time Ultraman World Championships Men’s Champion (2003, 2005, 2007-2009).
Entering Ultraman because: Ultraman is my main athletic goal.
CREW: Swim Escort: Jeff King  Land Crew: Jose Carlos Poinciano, Jason Heady
Tim Robert, M47, Honolulu, HI, USA
Occupation: GS Civilian Marine/USMC (retired)
Races: 1st time Ultraman. 2011 Ironman France finish time 13:58, 2010 Ironman New Zealand 12:45, USMC 236 mile bike ride Nov. 2011, Dec 2011-50K run (5:19)
Entering Ultraman because: Crewing for Dave Wilson and witnessing the superhuman efforts of all the participants at the 2011 UMWC was a real inspiration. Performing under stress often brings out a person’s true character, and from my observations the entire event was full of champions! I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to be a part of in the deepest sense.
CREW: Swim Escort: Wendy Minor  Land Crew: Caroline Robert
Vito Rubino Vito Rubino, M34, Pasadena, CA, representing ITALY
Occupation: Research Scientist
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 28:25:23, 2012 Ironman St. George, Corpus Christi HITS 2012, San Diego 100 mile, Bishop High Sierra 100k, Old goats 50 mile, Avalon 50 mile.
Entering Ultraman because: To push the boundaries.
CREW: Swim Escort: Christine O’Gorman  Land Crew: Palas Policroniades, Phil Makin
Wang_GaryJC2010 Gary Wang , M45, Corte Madera, CA, USA
Occupation: Busy Person
Races: 12th times Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 25:53:20, 12 times Western States 100 Finisher.
Entering Ultraman because: To see my true self under stress. To be a better person. To give others what I can. To know that I am so lucky to have wonderful friends. To share the aloha with those who need the most.
CREW: Swim Escort: Jackie Hoffman Land Crew: Jackie Hoffman,  Flora Krivak-Tetley