2013 Athlete Bios

2013 Ultraman World Championships
Athlete Bios

BeersLaurie09 Laurie Beers, F59, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Occupation: Lifeguard
Races: 5th time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 32:12:12. 2012 Monster Mango finish time 14:00:00. 2010 Ironman World Championships finish time 12:31:08. 8 Ironmans, 10 Alii Challenge Swims, 20+ years of marathon running, 23+ years of triathlon training and racing, possibly the oldest woman beach lifeguard in the state of Hawaii.
Entering Ultraman because: They last longer and I like the training. This event is a total treat!
CREW: Paddlers – Joy & Brad Ferren, Land Crew – Ellis Andrews, Sylvia Ravaglia
  Hillary Biscay, F35, Tucson, AZ, USA
Occupation: Professional Triathlete
Races: 2010 Ultraman World Championships, 2nd Place Female finisher (24:40:28); 58 Ironman finishes, 2008 Ironman Wisconsin Champion, 29 Ironman-distance top 5 finishes.
Entering Ultraman because: Love to test myself. Ultraman Hawaii was one of the most amazing sports experiences I’ve had.
CREW: Swim Escort:  Amy Young; Land Crew: Maik Twelseik, Dave Easa
  Beth Brewster, F43, Kingston, WA, USA
Occupation: Owner, Kingston Adventures
Races: 2009 Ultraman Canada finisher (31:28:43); 2010, 2009 Trioba 32-hour Adventure Race; 2013 Mt Si 50K Trail Race; 2013 Stottlemeyer 60-mile mountain bike race.
Entering Ultraman because: I love the journey, the Ohana, and everything in between!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Rob Brewster  Land Crew: Rob Brewster, Amy Anderson, Lynee Forsyth
  Vanuza Regina Maciel, F43, Curitiba, BRAZIL
Occupation: Triathlon Coach
Races: 2011, 2010, 2009 Ultraman World Championships (2010–29:39:43); 2013 El Cruce Columbia; 2013 Ironman Brazil; 2013 Endurance North Face 80K; 2012 Ironman Cozumel.
Entering Ultraman because: I always wonder and ask “What is my limit?” When I’m doing Ultraman, I realize that I have not found the answer. You can always go a little beyond. I am driven by challenges. Ultraman makes us better understand our body and mind.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Jennifer McDaniel   Land Crew: Captain – Juliana Bastos, Marcelo Bruni
Amber.Monforte Amber Monforte, F35, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Races: 5th time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships Women’s Champion (finish time 25:29:09)2011 Ultraman World Championships Women’s Champion (finish time 24:42:02) Ultraman World Championship course record holder– 24:07:11. 2009 Ultraman Canada Women’s Champion (finish time 25:36:49). 2013 Western States 100 time , 2012 Western States 100 time 22:34:45
Entering Ultraman because: I like the challenge that the distance offers, both mental and physical. What keeps me coming back are all the wonderful people I have met through this sport.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Karen Crawford & Don Coskran  Land Crew:  Ryan Weibel, David Monforte, Toni Angie Cravens
  Lucy Ryan, F45, Coquitlam, CANADA
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2010 Ultraman Canada finisher (31:06:43); 2012 Ironman Montana; 2012 Ironman Canada.
Entering Ultraman because: I participate in ultra-distance events because I completely enjoy the longer distances rather than the shorter distances. I feel like I have been given a gift of going long and I should use that gift…and I do!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Kira Sirois; Land Crew: Larry Ryan, Ingrid Hillhouse, Grayson Ryan
Stacey Shand, F34, Regina, CANADA
Occupation: University Instructor/Researcher
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finisher; 2012 Ironman Mont Tremblant finisher; 2012 Marathon des Sables.
Entering Ultraman because: I learned that Ultraman welcomes you into an epic family; I had no idea when I registered for my first one. Now, I want to build on that relationship at the WORLD level! I love the Ultraman Family!
CREW: Swim Escort: Rebecca Dewhirst & Karen Silva; Land Crew: Will Rogers, Luke Way
Dene’ Sturm, F49, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Occupation: Office Manager
Races: 1st time Ultraman. 2013 Monster Mango Long-Course Triathlon 1st Overall Finisher, 13:10:15!; 2010 Ironman World Championship finisher; 2013 Ironman World Championship entrant…
Entering Ultraman because: This event has had my attention since I crewed for an athlete years ago. I have also volunteered for the event. I love the feeling of camaraderie and the sense of family it creates. To me, this race feels like the ultimate athletic event.
CREW: Swim Escort: Wendy Minor; Crew Chief: Doug Henbest; Land Support: Rob Van Geen
Kathleen Wood, F44, West Kelowna, CANADA
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Races: 2013 Ultraman Canada finisher (32:01:37, 4th Female); 2013 24-hr Full Moon Adventure Race; Beach to Battleship Irondistance Race.
Entering Ultraman because: The ultra distances have a spiritual aspect that I thrive on and my love of nature and the outdoors inspires me. I feel so fortunate to be healthy and to be able to challenge myself in this way.
CREW: Swim Escort: Christine O’Gorman; Crew Chief: Rick Gammie, Land Crew: Mike Goldrick, Christine O’Gorman
  Keith Bergh, M26, Portland, OR, USA
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finisher (26:04:24); 2011-2013 Ironman Coeur d’Alene finisher; 2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe; 5x Boston Marathon.
Entering Ultraman because: I got into ultra-distance sports to challenge myself physically, mentally, and spiritually past what I thought was possible. Through these events, I learn a ton about myself as it helps sharpen my mind and strengthens my faith, while making everyday challenges much easier.
CREW: Swim Escort: Linda Greentree; Land Crew: Chip Bergh, Vito Bialla
  Toni Marsal Bonet, M32, Barcelona, SPAIN
Occupation: Financial Manager
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman UK finisher (30:20:52); 5 x Ironman finishes; 1 x Marathon Des Sables, 1 x Isostar Desert Marathon.
Entering Ultraman because: Because it is a style of life that I enjoy.
CREW: Swim Escort: Rafael Ramirez; Land Crew: Miquel Marsal Bonet, Maria Rosa Bonet Balaguer, Maria Abascal Magallon
Duncan Cairns Duncan P. Cairns, M44, Kirkland, WA, USA
Occupation: IT Business Consultant
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships participant, 2010 Ultraman Canada finisher (33:39:27); 5-time Ironman Finisher… 2013, 2009, 2007, 2006 Ironman Canada finisher, 2008 Ironman Arizona finisher; 2009 Canadian Death Race Solo (125km) finisher.
Entering Ultraman because: To find the elusive temporary piece of real estate known as the finish line of Ultraman Hawaii.
CREW: Swim Escort: Gary Simpson; Land Crew – Brianna Cairns, Nigel Cairns
Rusty Carter, M38, San Jose, CA, USA
Occupation: Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 3rd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:31:49 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:39:06. 2010 Ironman Cozumel 12:15, 2011 Vineman 11:37, 2011 SFBay 10k Bridge to Bridge Swim 1:21.
Entering Ultraman because: Ultraman proves that anything is possible if you truly set your mind to it. It is really satisfying to have my participation inspire others to become more active, healthy, and helpful in their communities, and it is personally a joy to spend 3 very challenging days with such an amazing group of people!
CREW: Swim Escort: Linda Kaiser, Crew Chief – Russ Carter; Land Crew: Aaron Orndorff
  Bill Conner, M40, Kailua, HI, USA
Occupation: US Marine Corps
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2009 Ultraman World Championship finisher (31:21:41); 2012 Ironman Hawaii 70.3 finisher; 2011 Semper Fi Ride Across America (in 32 days); 2011 Honolulu Marathon finisher 3:31; 2011 Waikiki Rough Water Swim; 2012, 2011,1996 Boston Marathon finisher; 2008 Ironman Hawaii finisher 13:30 (in boots and uts); 2009 Marine Corps Marathon finisher in boots and uts with 34-lb pack.
Entering Ultraman because: To honor, to remind, and to challenge.
CREW: Swim Escort: Terry Neubert; Land Crew: Jen McVeay, Patrick Castello
Jochen Dembeck, M46, Cologne, GERMANY
Occupation: Supply Chain Manager
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2009, 1999 Ultraman World Championships finisher (2009–24:25:31).
Entering Ultraman because: Since I wasn’t able to complete last year due to job reasons, I have doubled my motivation this year!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Kaeti Ecker  Land Crew:  Judith Dembeck, Julie Vernon
Christopher Draper Christopher Draper, M37, Hamilton, NJ, USA
Occupation: Business Owner
Races: 5th time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships, Age Group Champion (26:45:08); 2011 Ultraman World Championships;  2009-2012 Ironman Lake Placid.
Entering Ultraman because: Personal growth, giving back through charity, and to inspire others to reach out of their comfort zone.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Julia Lester;  Land Crew: Michelle Miller, Marty Hammond, Jim Dennis
Lars Heurich, M34, Frankfurt, GERMANY
Occupation: Pilot for Lufthansa German Airlines
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finisher (33:54:01); 2012 Ironman Lanzarote finisher; 2011, 2010 Ironman Frankfurt finisher.
Entering Ultraman because: To find out more about myself and to discover what my limits really are.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Michele Beall; Land Crew:  Julie Westhuizen, Adriana Murguia, Daniel John, Benjamin Charles Tubby
Christian Isakson, M40, Portland, OR, USA
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic
Entering Ultraman because: I’m beyond excited for the opportunity to race with the greatest athletes on the planet, and feel so blessed and thankful to be included in this awesome event. Using my gifts as an endurance athlete to raise awareness for those in need-I race for More Than Sport and the Ameena Project. I also compete to reflect the love and support I receive from my best friend and wife Rhonda. Thank you babe.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kai Willey; Land  Crew: Rhonda Isakson, Dorothy Lennox, Joe Lennox
Scott James, M45, Springfield, OR, USA
Occupation: Triathlon Coach
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2012, 2011 Ultraman Canada finisher (2012–28:38:04); 2011, 2010 Ironman Coeur d’Alene finisher; 2012, 2011, 2010 McKenzie River Trail Run 50k; 2010 Autumn Leaves 50k Trail Run; 2010 Cascade Lakes Swim Festival
Entering Ultraman because: To find out more about myself and to discover what my limits really are.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Clark Willcox; Land Crew:  David James, Carrington Sedgwick
Miro Kregar Miro Kregar, M51, Kamnik, Slovenia
Occupation: Electrician
Races: 7th time Ultraman finisher. 3 times second place overall, 2 times third place – PB 22:35, Finished 21 Ironmans – PB 8:52.
Entering Ultraman because: I love the heat on the lava fields.
CREW: Swim Escort: Derinda and Rick; Land Crew: Grega Zore, Quickie Watt, Tadeja Magdic
Ignacia "Nacho" Moruno Ignacio “Nacho” Lombo Moruno, M46, Madrid, SPAIN
Occupation: Experimental Test Pilot
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finisher (33:07:50); 2012 Madrid 80km Run; 7-time Ironman Lanzarote finisher (2012-2011, 2004-2008); Challenge Barcelona finisher (2012, 2011); 2010 Ironman Austria finisher; 2010 Ironman Madrid finisher; 2009 Ironman Switzerland finisher;
Entering Ultraman because: 2012 was my first year with Ultra distances after 10 years of Ironman triathlons. I wanted new experiences and new challenges. What I found was a completely different approach to sports other than the one I had before. I found superb friendship and ambiance, continuous support from my partners, and a real family. I want to participate to share the Aloha, Ohana, and the Kokua spirit.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Javier Rubio; Land Crew: Javier Rubio, Jaime Campillo, Fernando Difesa
Kurt Madden, M58, Big Bear City, CA, USA
Occupation: Educator
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 1985, 1983 Ultraman World Championships Men’s Champion (1985–22:11:04); 2013 HITS Triathlon finisher (8th overall); Silver Rush 50-miler; Leadville 100-mile Trail Run
Entering Ultraman because: This is my passion! I won Ultraman twice, finished three times in the top 10 at Ironman, and am one of the early pioneers in the sport. I am the USA Track and Field USA 24-Hour National Champion, and set a National Age Group Record.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Ryan Reynolds; Land Crew: Kelly Madden, Ky Madden, Craig Smith, Carlos Dolabella
Scott McDermott, M44, Sylvan Lake, CANADA
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Triathlon Coach, Gym Owner
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman Canada finisher (6th overall–27:32:32); 2011 Woody’s 10km plus 42km Marathon; 2010 Ironman Canada; 2010 Ironman New Orleans 70.3; 2010 Oliver Half-Iron; 2010  Woody’s Marathon
Entering Ultraman because: I love the challenge of the long training and long journey of exploration of my perceived limits. I love the time to think and become a better person. I love the look on people’s faces when they figure out what I am up to. Love the healthy lifestyle!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Dona Martinson/Ann Bohac; Land Crew: Darren Thompson, Lyle Katchur
Sergio Augusto Meniconi, M48, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Occupation: Asset Manager
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2011 Ultraman World Championships finisher (25:45:52); 2010 Ultraman Canada finisher; 2011, 2010 Ultra Marathon Bertioga Maresias
Entering Ultraman because: The fellowship environment, crew organizers, volunteers and participants and especially the Ohana environment. I love the pure adventure feeling!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Brandon Braam; Land Crew:  Danielle Sardas, Bill Greinesen, Jerry Mitchell
Peter Mueller, M51, Kloten, SWITZERLAND
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Races: 7th time Ultraman. 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2001, 2000 Ultraman World Championships finisher (2012–26:21:48);  2012 Zurich marathon; 2011 Las Vegas marathon; 2011 24th International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim (26.4km), Zurich, Switzerland.
Entering Ultraman because: To enjoy life! Once ULTRAman Hawaii–FOREVER ULTRAman Hawaii!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Tina Flowers, Elliot Parsons; Land Crew: Katharina Torreiter, Kerri Tobin
Antonio Nascimento, M43, Sao Domingos de Rana, PORTUGAL
Occupation: General Manager
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman United Kingdom finisher (7th overall)(30:58:36); 2012 Pro Runner Ultramarathon 300km; 2012 Lisbon International Triathlon, 2012 Paris Marathon; 2012 Barcelona Marathon.
Entering Ultraman because: My main goal is to prove that people can do everything and achieve their goals when they really want to, when they work hard, and have the discipline and faith that they can do it. I also want to motivate all my friends who know me.
CREW: Swim Escort: Pym Avery; Land Crew: Ana Guimaraes, Meire Cezario
Jason Nixon, M50, Kamuela, Hawaii, USA
Occupation: Lifeguard
Races: Ironman Cozumel, 2012, 12:15; 11 Ironman World Championships finishes; Ironman Hawaii 70.3 finisher: 2010; Vineman 2011 finisher; Maui Triathlon Iron Distance 1st Place finisher: 1997.
Entering Ultraman because:  I have crewed for my friend in 2000, and for my wife in 2011 and have always planned to do this event and finally got my chance.
CREW: Swim Escort: Chris Stelfox; Land Crew: Dan Berman, Stephanie Amick, Audrey Nixon
Roberto Parseghian, M43, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Occupation: Businessman
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (28:31:10) ; 2011 Ultraman Canada finish time 26:38:44; Noeman Extreme Norway 80K Ultramarathon; 2012 Kona Marathon.
Entering Ultraman because: I enjoy ultra-distance events!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Rick Tom; Land Crew: Suzanne Shriner, Jacque Wikum, Debora Parseghian
Roland Patzina Roland Patzina, M47, Kempten, Bavaria, GERMANY
Occupation: Truckdriver
Races: 9th time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (33:22:06); 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:24:37; 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004 UMWC; 2009 Triple Ultra Triathlon Lensahn, Triple Ironman Germany 11 times in sequence (German Record) best time 49:32:02, 6 Double Ironman, 2010 Lanzarote Solo-deca-triathlon challenge.
Entering Ultraman because: For my age is the best sport. Ultraman and the people of Hawaii are like my family.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Margaret Haderie; Land Crew: Paul Aguirre, Kari Pieparila, Margaret Haderle
James Player, M41, Roseville, CA, USA
Occupation: Asset Manager
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finisher (24:45:08); 2013 Ironman California 70.3, 2013 Western States 100 miler; 2013 Silver State 50-miler, 2013 Gold Rush 100k; 2013 Garmin Marathon, 2013 AR50; 2013 Way Too Cool 50k.
Entering Ultraman because: I thank God every day for my health. The challenge keeps me motivated. The competition inspires and motivates others. Having the event during Thanksgiving means that my family is out of school and off work. I really want them to see it.
CREW: Swim Escort: Sarah Bouvier; Land Team Captain: Krista Player, Driver = Holly Player, Navigator/Logistics = Lily Player, Supply Chief = Jasmine Player, Media = Iris Player
Raymond_Marty2010 Martin Raymond, M51, Cumberland, Ontario, CANADA
Occupation: Fitness & Sports Instructor
Races: 10th time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (31:45:16); 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 30:09:32; 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 UMWC; Ottawa Triathlon.
Entering Ultraman because: It is the true event that requires all aspects of human competition.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Katy Bourne; Land Crew:  Staci Studer, Chris Latham
Alexandre Ribeiro Alexandre Ribeiro, M48, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Occupation: Coach
Races: 8th time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships Men’s Champion (22:51:12); Six time Ultraman World Championships Men’s Champion (2003, 2005, 2007-2009, 2011, 2012).
Entering Ultraman because: I love the Ultraman spirit!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Jeff King; Land Crew: Jose Carlos Poinciana, John Howarton
Tim Sheeper, M50, Menlo Park, CA, USA
Occupation: Business Owner
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2007 Ultraman World Championships finisher (23:19:03); 2013 Ironman Coeur d’Alene; Lake Tahoe SUP 22-miler; Ironman Roth; OCR (9-mile paddle, 26-mile run, 38 mile bike); Wildflower Half-Ironman; RAAM (4-person relay).
Entering Ultraman because: My soul is yearning to return to the islands and be a part of the event again. I wonder if I have grown in strength to withstand the challenges of the adventure. I am anxious to bond with my friends and family around the Ultraman. I asked myself every day if I really want to do this and the answer has always been YES!
CREW:  Paddler: Keith Terada    Land Crew: Ian Hersey, Sierra Sheeper
Milton Sousa, M39, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Occupation: Business Owner
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2011, 2010, 2009 Ultraman World Championships finisher (2011–25:01:01)
Entering Ultraman because: I love it!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Parker Shale; Land Crew: Guilherme, Ludimila, Fernanda
Alexandre Tremel, M41, Florianopolis, BRAZIL
Occupation: Businessman
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman Canada finisher (28:41:51); 2012 Ironman Brazil finisher;
Entering Ultraman because: I love training for long distances. That’s what I do every day. I want to participate in Ultraman Hawaii because I want to be a part of this special family!
CREW:  Swim Escort: Jan Sobieraslski & Louise W.;  Land Crew:  Daniel Carvalho, Helen Horta Oliveira, Hursula & Odson Machado, Fernanda Avila
Gary Wang, M45, Corte Madera, CA, USA
Occupation: Engineer
Races: 13th time Ultraman. 2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (26:35:30); 2001 – 2001 Ultraman World Championships finisher; 13 times Western States 100 Finisher.
Entering Ultraman because: To see my true self under stress. To be a better person. To give others what I can. To know that I am so lucky to have wonderful friends. To share the aloha with those who need the most.
CREW: Swim Escort: Jackie Hoffman; Land Crew: Jackie Hoffman, Nancy Williams