2015 Athlete Bios

2015 Ultraman World Championships
Athlete Bios

Katherine Calder-Becker
Katherine Calder-Becker
, F51, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Occupation: Art Director
Races: 5th time Ultraman. Ultraman World Championships 2014, Ironman Mont Tremblant 2014, Ironman World Championships 2013. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 27:54:36. 2012 Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Mont Tremblant, 2011 Ultraman Canada.
Entering Ultraman because:  I love the Ohana. The challenge the island brings for us as athletes, shared with our dearest friends and family on the journey. There’s no better way to test the depths of your soul and turn your ‘fear into courage’!
CREW: Swim Escort: Jamie Pardeau;  Land Crew: Tim Robert (Team Captain), Melissa Di Re
Kevin Becker Kevin Becker, M51, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Occupation: Sales
Races: 5th time Ultraman. Ultraman World Championships 2014, Ironman Mont Tremblant 2014, Ironman World Championships 2013. 2012 Ultraman Canada finish time 27:00:24. 2011 Ultraman Canada. 2012 Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Mont Tremblant.
Entering Ultraman because: I love going back to the Big Island to take part in the Ohana Family Reunion – such a gift!
CREW: Swim Escort: Bo Pardeau; Land Crew: David Ahrens (Team Captain), Amanda Weil
Beth Brewster, F45, Kingston, WA, USA
Occupation: Business Owner
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. Ultraman World Championships 2013 (will be doing 1 -200 mile Bike ride, 50 k and 5 mile swim this summer). 2009 Ultraman Canada finisher (31:28:43); 2010, 2009 Trioba 32-hour Adventure Race; 2013 Mt Si 50K Trail Race; 2013 Stottlemeyer 60-mile mountain bike race.
Entering Ultraman because: Ultra racing is where I find myself. I love the Ultraman Ohana.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Rob Brewster  Land Crew: Rob Brewster (Team Captain), Amy Anderson, Lynee Forsyth
Mike Coughlin Mike Coughlin, M42, Guelph, Ontario, CANADA
Occupation: Endurance Coach / Business Owner
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. Ultraman World Championships 2011 Ultraman Canada 2010. 2015: – March 29, Around the Bay road race finisher (30k in 2:03:51) *not really what you would call MAJOR, but stated to demonstrate recent distance running proficiency 2014: – Hoodoo 500 (520 mile ultra cycling event in Utah) – Stage race winner and course record holder – Cripple Creek Crippler (207 mile ultra cycling event in Colorado with ~30,000ft of climbing) – finished in 13:42 2013: – Furnace Creek 508 (aka Trona 353) ultra cycling event, member of winning 2-person team. – Tremblant 70.3 finisher 2012: – Dupont State Forest 50k run, just over 5 hours – Haliburton Forest 50 mile run, ~9:46 Limberlost challenge ultra run (56-60k), ~7:30
Entering Ultraman because: To connect with fellow adventurers, experience incredible geography, embrace big challenges, and learn about myself. My involvement with the Ultraman family has formed some of the most meaningful relationships and memories in my life. Ever since my last Ultraman event in 2011, I have looked forward to returning to the Big Island and those 3 challenging and wonderful days. Building a business for the past 3 years has made dedicated Ultraman training unrealistic, but I purposefully chose a variety of single sport ultra-endurance events to maintain my connection with big challenges and improve aspects of my Ultraman skills (and to stay in touch with the ohana, of course!). Happily, I now have the life stability to train consistently in all 3 sports, and have been doing so since October 2014 with the express goal of the 2015 Ultraman World Championships. I am very excited at the prospect of testing myself once again at this incredible event!
CREW: Swim Escort: Leila Duim/Kathleen Leahy; Land Crew: Helen Neville (Team Captain), Khai Lee, Lauren Willis, Kate Parizeau
Inaki De la Parra Barreras Inaki De la Parra Barreras, M32, Ciudad de Mexico, MEXICO
Occupation: Dad and Husband
Races: 4th time Ultraman. UM FLORIDA 2014;  This year: June 28th, 2015 and several 70.3 & Olympics.
Entering Ultraman because: UM is my passion.
CREW: Swim Escort: Glee Jewel; Land Crew: Tomasz Sanetra (Team Captain), Katarzyna Sanetra, Scar Haquet
Jochen Dembeck, M48, Cologne, GERMANY
Occupation: Supply Chain Manager
Races: 4th time Ultraman World Championships. 2013, 2009, 1999 Ultraman World Championships finisher (2009–24:25:31).
Entering Ultraman because: To meet all involved friends from around the world to have fun in the most beautiful unique race on this planet 🙂
CREW:  Swim Escort: Annalee Akagi; Land Crew:  Judie Vernon (Team Captain), Judith Hartl, Sergey & Elena Gimbarov
Christopher Draper Christopher Draper, M39, Hamilton, NJ, USA
Occupation: Business Owner
Races: 5th time Ultraman.  2013 Ultraman Hawaii -2014/2015 June IRONMAN Lake Placid Camp;simulated IRONMAN distance camps. 2012 Ultraman World Championships, Age Group Champion (26:45:08); 2011 Ultraman World Championships;  2009-2012 Ironman Lake Placid.
Entering Ultraman because: Personal enrichment/fulfillmet and to inspire my clients/athletes through practicing what I preach in my professional life. Additionally, it gives a selfless platform to raise awareness/charity to loyal causes i.e., American Cancer Society/Susan G. Koman.
CREW:  Swim Escort: Miri Sumida; Land Crew: Marty Hammond (Team Captain), Rick Van Tuyl
Billy Edwards Billy Edwards, M38, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Occupation: Endurance Sport Coach
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. UMFL 2015 23:17. IM Boulder 9:19:40 (8th overall) IMCDA 9:40:05 (22nd overall)
Entering Ultraman because: I am strong as the day is long. However I feel selective in wanting to do iconic ultra events with courses that are more than a race. Ultraman Hawaii seems like an amazing endurance adventure/journey/race all in one. It is truly taking on the Big Island.
CREW: Swim Escort: John Roberts; Land Crew: Aaron Fink (Team Captain), Amanda Rasmussen, Josh Shadle, Clay Petty
Adam Fox Adam Fox, M35, Cairns, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Occupation: Police Officer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. Ultraman Australia 2015, Ironman Cairns.
Entering Ultraman because: I see participating in endurance sports, and the Ultraman, as a journey, a journey of self-discovery, both inside and out. I see it as a chance to show my children what a person can achieve through the power of the mind, no matter their talent, and to be a role model to a community where I live…. the kids, the local indigenous people and wider community where health and exercise has never been a high priority. I was warmly welcomed into the Ultraman Ohana at Ultraman Australia. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. To share this with my wife (crew captain), crew and all of the other athletes, crews and the Ultraman organisation was truly special. I believe that I participated in the event with the values of Ohana, Kokua and Aloha and always finished with a smile. It would be a life-long dream to have the privilege to be invited to Ultraman Hawaii and experience these values, along with my wife and four kids, in their traditional homeland.
CREW: Swim Escort: Dave Carroll; Land Crew: Rebecca Fox (Team Captain), Dave Carroll
Jeremy Howard Jeremy Howard, M35, Shelton, Connecticut, USA
Occupation: Event Managment/Professional Triathlete
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2011 UM Hawaii. 4 Iron Distance races (oct 24 2013 – Beach to Battleship; June 27 2014 – Challenge Atlantic City; Sept 7 2014 – IMWI; Oct 25 2014 – Beach to Battleship)
Entering Ultraman because: To challenge myself and see how I respond physically and mentally when I push into the dark places only events like these create. I want to return to Ultraman because there is no other event like it where you can push yourself to the limits and share that experience with friends and family.
CREW: Swim Escort: Adam Ellenstein; Land Crew: Adam Ellenstein (Team Captain), Ryan Toner, Jen Howard
John Howerton John Howerton, M35, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Occupation: Marketing
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2014 UM Hawaii, 2014 Team Mango Monster. Mini Mango, Honu, Lavaman.
Entering Ultraman because: Because why not 😉 Endurance sports are like a re-birth for me and I want to use my newly able body.
CREW: Swim Escort: Wendy Minor; Land Crew: Glen Parsons (Team Captain), Acela Parsons
Peter Hudson Peter Hudson, M36, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2015 Ultraman Australia, Itonman Melbourne.
Entering Ultraman because: Raise money and awareness of different Cancers after losing my mother to bowel cancer in 2006. I want to participate as I just finished Ultraman OZ, and it was the best 3 days of my life.
CREW: Swim Escort: Dick Roberts; Land Crew: Lauren & Robert Hudson (Team Captains), Shae Hamilton, Fi Polkinghorne, Stephen Dougan
Christian Isakson Christian Isakson, M42, Portland, Oregon, USA
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic
Races: 4th time Ultraman. Canada 2013/UMWC 2013/UMFL 2015
Entering Ultraman because: I love it. I am running for Ameena Project
CREW: Swim Escorts: Jeremy Frechette/Weston Kile; Land Crew: Rhonda & Ian Isakson (Team Captains), Joe & Dorothy Lennox, Jeremy Frechette
David Kalinowski David Kalinowski, M29, Taringa, AUSTRALIA
Occupation: Engineer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. UM Australia 2015 Winner
Entering Ultraman because:
CREW: Swim Escorts: Karen Crawford/Don Coskran; Land Crew: Max Seear (Team Captain), Mel Corman, Andrew Fuller, Matt
Miro Kregar Miro Kregar, M53, Kamnik, SLOVENIA
Occupation: Event Organizer/Coach
Races: 9th time Ultraman. 1st Place 2013 Ultraman World Championship. 3 times second place overall, 2 times third place – PB 22:35, Finished 21 Ironmans – PB 8:52.
Entering Ultraman because: I like to race triathlon, from sprint to ultra distance.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Derinda Thatcher/Rick Merschdorf; Land Crew: Neza Kregar (Team Captain), Ben, Jennifer “Quickie” Watt
Peter Lopinski Peter Lopinski, M45, CANADA
Occupation: Contractor
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2014-2013 UM Canada
Entering Ultraman because: Competing in Ultraman relaxes me like no other vacation, and I love small events and friendship.
CREW: Swim Escort: Denise Boatwright; Land Crew: Helena Kazimierz (Team Captain), Thomas & Alex Lopinski, Billy Rickards (run pacer)
Iona MacKenzie Iona MacKenzie, F43, Calgary, Yellowknife, CANADA
Occupation: Metallurgist
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2014 UM Hawaii. 2007 UM Hawaii, 2013 UM Canada, Gold Rush 70 hr Adventure Race 2013, Ironman Los Cabos 2013, Whistler 50 mile run 2012.
Entering Ultraman because: UM Hawaii is my favourite race. I would be training for this while working at a sub-arctic diamond mine and living in northern Canada.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Kathy Lindsay/Nancy Collins; Land Crew: Elayne Clewett (Team Captain), Ray Duran
  Toni Marsal Bonet, M34, Barcelona, SPAIN
Occupation: Financial Manager
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2013 UM Hawaii. 2015 UMFL, 2014 IM BCN, 2014 IM Frankfurt, 2012 Ultraman UK finisher (30:20:52); 5 x Ironman finishes; 1 x Marathon Des Sables, 1 x Isostar Desert Marathon.
Entering Ultraman because: Because it is a style of life that I enjoy.
CREW: Swim Escort: Tim Wiley; Land Crew: Miquel Marsal (Team Captain), Summer Maxwell
Giancarlo Matarazzo Giancarlo Matarazzo, M54, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Occupation: Business Administration
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2014 UM Hawaii. 2013 75km Bertioga Maresias Ultramarathon, 2012 Ultraman Canada time 26:39:24 6th overall, Ironman Hawaii 2010, 2011, Ironman Brazil 2010, 2011, 2013
Run: Bertioga-Maresias` run race (75km)
Entering Ultraman because: Because I love it. I feel great doing these challenges.
CREW: Swim Escort: Sue Roberts; Land Crew: Ellis Andrews (Team Captain), Suzy Degazon, Phil Makin
Scott McDermott Scott McDermott, M46, Sylvan Lake, CANADA
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. UM Hawaii 2013. Ironman Couer d’Alene June 2015. 2011 Ultraman Canada finisher (6th overall–27:32:32); 2011 Woody’s 10km plus 42km Marathon; 2010 Ironman Canada; 2010 Ironman New Orleans 70.3; 2010 Oliver Half-Iron; 2010  Woody’s Marathon
Entering Ultraman because: I have raced in Triathlon for the past 11 years and there is nothing as amazing as Ultraman. The family, the friends, the camaraderie, the Big Island, the Challenge. I love it. Ultra Distance in general is my happy place – like a meditation, or a place to really connect with my thoughts. There is something pure and wonderful about the challenge of the big distance. I love that there is no hype, no circus, no bravado, only family, love and spirit. I love that we are all out to help each other finish on our best day, to encourage those who are struggling and to support those who need a hand. This is the event I think about each year…..it’s my happy place.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Dona Martinson/Ann Bohac; Land Crew: Lyle Katchur (Team Captain), Doug Henbest, Darren Thompson
Peter Mueller Peter Mueller, M53, Kloten, SWITZERLAND
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Races: 9th time Ultraman. 2014, 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2001, 2000 Ultraman World Championships finisher (2012–26:21:48);  2012 Zurich marathon; 2011 Las Vegas marathon; 2011 24th International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim (26.4km), Zurich, Switzerland.
Entering Ultraman because: It’s like an addiction! 🙂
CREW: Swim Escort: Tina Flower; Land Crew: Kerri Tobin (Team Captain), Amber Monforte
Tony O'Keeffe Tony O’Keeffe, M54, CANADA
Occupation: Coach
Races: 7th time Ultraman. 2014 Ultraman WC, Kona, 3rd Overall 2014 Ironman North American Championship, Mont Tremblant, 1st Place Age Group. 2012 Ultraman World Championships finish time 25:56:29 4th overall, 2008 Ultraman World Championships finish time 22:31:54. UMWC 2002, 03, 04, 08, 12, Solo RAAM 2010, 4th place overall.
Entering Ultraman because: A life’s work in progress. I enjoy training and racing, the longer the better.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Gil Ayoub/Guillaume Vincent; Land Crew: Jackie Cowley (Team Captain), Gil & Arlene Ayoub, Guillaume Vincent
Michael Owen Michael Owen, M31, CANADA
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. Challange Penticton 2014, Ironman Coeur D’Alene 2014.
Entering Ultraman because: I race for the love of testing my body’s endurance capabilities and to meet great people along the way.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Elliot Parsons/Nichole Friedley; Land Crew: Becky Owen (Team Captain), Glen Garrod, Gerry Owen
Roland Patzina Roland Patzina, M49, Kempten, Bavaria, GERMANY
Occupation: Truckdriver
Races: 11th time Ultraman. Triple Ultra Germany 11,4K swim 540K run 126,6K run2013 Ultraman World Championships finisher (31:18:04); 2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (33:22:06); 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 31:24:37; 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004 UMWC; 2009 Triple Ultra Triathlon Lensahn, Triple Ironman Germany 11 times in sequence (German Record) best time 49:32:02, 6 Double Ironman, 2010 Lanzarote Solo-deca-triathlon challenge.
Entering Ultraman because: For my age it is the best sport. Ultraman and the people of Hawaii are like my family.
CREW: Swim Escort: Danielle Behnke; Land Crew: Paul Aguirre (Team Captain), Todd Weinmann, Katie Rice
Greg Pelton Greg Pelton , M54, Silverdale, Washington, USA
Occupation: Submariner
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2013 UM Canada. IM New Zealand 2015 – 12:25
Entering Ultraman because: I like the endurance challenge. Ultras have camaraderie and family atmosphere.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kellie Pelton; Land Crew: Robin Pelton (Team Captain), Kellie Pelton
Matthew Phelan Matthew Phelan, M38, Cerne Abbas, Doreset, GREAT BRITAIN
Occupation: Doctor
Races: 3rd time Ultraman. 2014 UM Hawaii, Challenge Weymouth 2014 Race the Stones (Ultra Marathon 2015), 2013 Ultraman UK, Alpe d’Huez Triathlon, Challenge Copenhagen, The Wall Ultramarathon, Artemis Quadrathon.
Entering Ultraman because: Inspired by being part of the Ultraman family and want to attempt this incredible challenge one more time.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Rebecca Dewhirst/Karen DeSilva;   Land Crew: Leonora Phelan (Team Captain), Morne Pienaar, Marina Phelan
Raymond_Marty Martin Raymond, M53, Cumberland, Ontario, CANADA
Occupation: Fitness & Sports Instructor
Races: 12th time Ultraman World Championships. 2014, 2013 Ultraman World Championships finisher (31:25:32);2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (31:45:16); 2011 Ultraman World Championships finish time 30:09:32; 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 UMWC
Entering Ultraman because: The real true event.
CREW: Swim Escort: Sherri Carney; Land Crew: Russ Mullen (Team Captain), Karen Mullen
Will Rogers Will Rogers, M56, Surrey, British Columbia, CANADA
Occupation: Paramedic
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. UM Canada, Challenge Penticton
Entering Ultraman because: To compete at the highest level of Triathlon.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Christine O’Gorman/Jennie Wingad; Land Crew: Gary Keay (Team Captain), Jennifer Dawkins
RouseKim09 Kimberlee Rouse, F60, San Diego, CA, USA
Occupation: Real Estate Agent/Flight Attendant
Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2010 Ultraman World Championships Finish Time 29:21:15, Maui Marathon 2014 w/David Cobb, Austin 1/2 marathon, Scottsdale 1/2 marathon. 2010 Ironman World Championships finish time 11:34:15.
Entering Ultraman because: I can and I love it. I was supposed to do it in 2012 and broke my hip in a bike crash. Can’t wait, as I promised my dad I would come back (he passed) after I broke my hip.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kaeti Ecker; Land Crew:  Mike Rouse (Team Captain), Suzanne Shriner, Jacque Wikum
Staci Studer Staci Studer, F42, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Occupation: Physical Therapist
Races: 1st time Ultraman World Championships. Ali’i Challenge 10K Swim 2014 1st F, 2013 2nd F Older than 3 yrs: Hilo to Volcano 50k 2011 1st F, 2nd OA; IMWC 2009, 2008, 2007; IMLP 2009 3rd AG, 2008 2nd or 3rd AG; IMCDA 2007 2nd AG, 2006 1st AG; GFT 2006 1st F OA, 2005 2nd F OA, 2004 1st F OA.
Entering Ultraman because: I was welcomed into the Ultraman ohana in 2010 as a crew volunteer. I have returned each year to crew and to watch the family grow. I love the camaraderie and support among race directors, racers, crews, family members and volunteers. My passion for the race has grown, and now I am ready in my heart to participate as a competitor. I am excited for the Ultraman challenge.
CREW: Swim Escort: Dan Gampon; Land Crew:  Dene Sturm (Team Captain), Mike DeCarli
Peter Thompson Peter A. Thompson, M55, Clinton, Ontario, CANADA
Occupation: Farmer
Races: 2nd time Ultraman.  Peasantman, Aug. 16, 2015-not yet completed. 2005 solo, 2006-2007 crew, 2008 relay
Entering Ultraman because: To share the experience of Ultraman.
CREW: Swim Escorts: Rick Tom/Alex Vargas; Land Crew: Liz Thompson (Team Captain), Sandy Edelsward, Terry Pearson, Stephen Thompson
Miguel Ángel Tortajada Buj Miguel Ángel Tortajada Buj, M30,SPAIN
Occupation: Enviromental Manager
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2015 UM Florida. Ironman Switzerland 2014
Entering Ultraman because:
CREW: Swim Escort: Carlos Ferrando; Land Crew: Carlos Ferrando (Team Captain), Christian Contador
Gary Wang, M48, Corte Madera, CA, USA
Occupation: Engineer
Races: 15th time Ultraman. 2014, 2013 Ultraman World Championships finisher (27:58:09);2012 Ultraman World Championships finisher (26:35:30); 2001 – 2013 Ultraman World Championships finisher; 13 times Western States 100 Finisher.
Entering Ultraman because: To share the aloha. To be thankful.
CREW: Swim Escort: Apryl Sasaki; Land Crew: Jackie Hofmann (Team Captain), Sherri Carney
Travis Wayth Travis “Trout” Wayth, M45, Porepunkah, AUSTRALIA
Occupation: Lawn mower
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. UMOZ 2015 . IM Melbourne 2015, IM Cairnes 2014 . IM NZ 2014. IM Australia 2014
Entering Ultraman because:
CREW: Swim Escort: Jeff King; Land Crew: Rosie Spicer (Team Captain), Dave Williamson
Kevin Willis Kevin Willis, M55, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Occupation: Scientific Administration
Races: 2nd time Ultraman. 2014 UM Canada.
Entering Ultraman because: I participate in ultra-distance sports to challenge my limits. Ultraman is a unique experience. Unlike other events, at Ultraman you intimately share the challenge over an extended period – with your crew and with your fellow athletes and their crews. You learn a lot about yourself and increase your appreciation for the capabilities of others. My crew and I had an amazing time at UMC. We want to extend the experience, extend the challenge and join the UMWC family.
CREW: Swim Escort: Annemarike Goldsmith; Land Crew: David Goldsmith (Team Captain), Nicola & Annemarike Goldsmith, Cary Willis
Bob Willix Bob Willix, M50, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Occupation: Account Executive
Races: 3rd time Ultraman.  UM Florida 2014, 2015, IM Chattanooga Aug 2014.
Entering Ultraman because: Ultraman has redefined my reason for sport. Ironman had become so corporate, and I have been doing triathlons since the 80’s. Ultraman reminds me of why we started this sport! I love it and the people associated with it!
CREW: Swim Escort: Bobby Willix; Land Crew: Michelle Willix (Team Captain, wife), Michelle R. Willix (sister), Bobby, Ally, & Chas Willix