Ultraman Story: David Cobb

Ultraman 2000
by Sheryl Livingston And David is awesome!!!

On day one, David got in the water for a 6.2 mile swim that turned into the swim from hell. Facing a horrendous rip and killer head current, he proceeded to swim the distance in an amazing 6hours and 19minutes! Can you believe he swam for that long? It was hectic waiting for him on the beach, but I also knew that he was in the best possible hands with Ronona by his side. The remarkable thing is that he, unlike several other competitors, did not give up. He sure is stubborn. Anyway, once he and his swollen tongue got out of the water and transitioned to the bike, the majority of his 12 hour time limit had expired. But persistent and determined as he is, David got on his bike and rode like a bat out of hell. Unfortunately, it was not quite enough and about 11 miles from the finish, we got the call to pull him off the course. David was disappointed, but he knew he had given his all. In fact, he did manage to ride 79 miles in 5hours 20minutes! We are all so proud of him.

As the rules of Ultraman allow, if you do not finish a stage, you can choose to continue the race as a participant. So, on day 2, David was anxious to get on his bike and see what he could do. The bike being his strong point, we were expecting great things, and we would no longer be disappointed. David took off and rode well and hard. The weather was spectacular–no rain, a tailwind through Hamakua and a gentle breeze over the Kohalas. It was absolutely amazing to watch David push himself, dig deep, perform and still keep the most upbeat, positive attitude I have ever seen in an athlete in this event. He was courteous and appreciative of all Darren, Ronona and I did. It was quite impressive. He finished the 171.4 mile ride in 9hours 18minutes! What a ride.

After a wonderful dinner at Bamboo with a bunch of other Ultra-athletes and a massage, David was somewhat prepared to approach the third day’s 52.4 mile run. Following the circle of friendship prayer, the athletes headed out in the dark. David started out steady and once again amazed all of us as he just kept moving forward with a totally positive attitude. After completing the first marathon, he took a 10 minute break, changed clothes, got massage, ate a little, and headed back out. With Darren and Ronona pacing him from the 13 mile mark to the finish, David was able to push through the “empty space” and pain. He came blazing across the finish line in 10hours 52minutes. What an amazing accomplishment.

Although the race officials do not consider him an official finisher, there is no doubt in the minds of his crew that he is a finisher. Not only is he an Ultraman, he is an UltraDude.

Now, a few days later, as David lies on the couch icing his swollen pregnant-lady feet, I still look at him and am amazed that he did that event. He is an incredible individual, an amazing athlete and we are all blessed to have spent those three days with him.

Thanks David—You’re da bomb!!!!

– Aloha,
Sheryl Livingston