Ultraman Story: Gil Loomis

From an email from Cheryl Loomis to Jane Bockus, race director.


gilbike.jpg Gil and I are off tonight to Conn/NY to visit family. But before I got on the plane I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience. I have waited so long for Gil to do this race, and now he has. What an incredible experience for all of us. I am forever grateful to you and your crew. He is doing just fine, you might saying “glowing”.

I do have a story for you. In 1986, our oldest son Jonathon was killed while driving to graduation practice. He and Gil were buddies, and in ’85, when we both did the Ironman he surprised us and came over for the race. On that trip Gil and Jonathon played golf, and since then when Gil finds a golf ball along the way on his runs, he collects it. On Sat., in the middle of the mountains and lava, where there was no-one and no life, we stopped the van for a refuel for Gil. Tony opened his door to find a golf ball at his feet. The gold ball did not have a nick on it, and was labeled Ultra Distance.

I held on to that golf ball for the rest of the race.
I knew where it came from………..so did Gil.

So thank you again, we can’t wait to do this again!

Cheryl Loomis