2005 Entrants

Name: Georgio  Alessi

Age on Race Day: 40 M

From: Valguarnera, Sicily, ITALY

Occupation: Physical Education Teacher

Recent Races: Third time Ultraman (Ultraman World Championships , 2005 UM Canada 30:11:05 Completed 2003 Mountain Extreme Triathlon Offroad Ironman distance Other events in past 2 years:2003 Swisspower Gigatlon – solo category – 7 days tour of Switzerland – total 1000 miles with 5 specialties daily: swim, roadbike, mountainbike, inline skate & run

Entering UM because It is all about challenging yourself, trying to reach your limit and then pushing it a little further. And what better race than the Ultraman?

Name: Shanna Armstrong

Age on Race Day: 31 F

From: Lubbock, Texas, USA

Occupation: Massage Therapist/Fitness Instructor

Recent Races: Second time Ultraman, Shanna was women’s winner in 2003 and holds the women’s fastest swim time and 3rd fastest women’s overall time in the 20 years the event has been held. Other events in past 2 years – 2005 Team RAAM, 1st place Co-ed division. 2004 set new course record in Furnace Creek 508 2003 IM Brazil/2001, 02, 03 IM Kona, 2002/03 IM Malaysia.



Name: Dan Bodden

Age on Race Day: 38 M

From: Comox, British Columbia CANADA

Occupation: Military Search & Rescue

Recent Races: First time Ultraman 2005 IM Canada 12:45:000, 2004 IM Canada Dan has 5 Ironman and 12 Marathon finishes

Entering UM because he has crewed 3 years in a row – figures now it is his turn to cross that finish  line – besides, his Mom will be there! “I was tired of watching Tony O and Marty having all the fun while I was sitting in the van. I want a Tough Guy T-shirt too!”


Name: Jennifer Burtner

Age on Race Day: 35 F

From: Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Occupation: Emergency Room Physician

Recent Races: First time Ultraman. 2004 Iron distance CaliforniaMan 12:59:12, Other events in past 2 years: 2003 IM New Zealand, Honolulu & Boston Marathons, Great Wall of China Marathon (1st place female). Several Ultras in California (50K Ohlone)

Entering UM because she enjoys the challenge both mentally and physically of endurance events.  “The Ultraman would be a culmination for me of my last 2 years of training. I feel it would be an incredible opportunity and a very unique experience.”

 Name: Yoshihiro Chijimatsu

Age on Race Day: 40 M

From: Kobe, JAPAN

Occupation: Patent Agent

Recent Races: 15th time Ultraman 2005 Sado Island Triathlon finisher, 2004 Ironman Japan ? 13:46:47 Other events in past 2 years: Ironman Japan 2003 & 2004.

Entering UM because “I love this event and friends on the Big Island.”


Name: Suzanna Degazon
Age on Race Day: 41 F
From: Bouqueron, PUERTO RICO

Occupation: PADI Dive Instructor

Recent Races:  Eighth time Ultraman. 2004 Ultraman finish time of 31:50:49, Suzy holds the 3rd fastest Bike I time for the 90 mile course. She competed in 4 double Iron distance events in 2003, as well as the Levis Quebec Double Iron in 2004 & 2005.

Sponsors:  Hawaiian Tropics, HammerGel, E-Caps
Entering UM because “I love the camaraderie of the other participants. Nobody can make you do it, it is a very personal thing. Perhaps an escape, it poses a limit to which we push our bodies to the max.”




Name: Bertrand Dor
Age on Race Day: 54 M
From: Mahwah, New Jersey, USA

Occupation: Perfumer

Recent Races: First time Ultraman 23 times Ironman finisher –Recent Races:?apon Valley 50K run May 04, IM USA 04, IM Canada 04, IM Canada 2005





Name: Lauren Fithian

Age on Race Day: 47 F
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Occupation: Fitness Specialist & Mom
Recent Races: Fifth time Ultraman Lauren was knocked of her 2nd Ultraman in 2002 during the swim by a jellyfish, but Lauren returned again in 2003, Her fastest Ultraman was 2001; 29:52:43. Other events in past 2 years: Lotoja Bike Road Race, and Edmund Fitzgerald Run Race

Entering UM because “I have friends in the race”.



Name: Cory Foulk Age on Race Day: 47 M

From: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

Occupation: Architect/Scientist

Recent Races: Tenth time Ultraman Cory has officially finished Ultraman 7 times Other events in past 2 years: Ultraman Canada, 2005, 5 Ironman finishes in past two years, 2nd place 2005 Ironman Revisited, Ironman World Championships Hawaii, 2003 & 2004, 2005 , Great Wall (China) Marathon, Other events: 30+ Ironman finishes, 11 Ultraman competitions, 50+ marathons, 50 + ultra-marathons, 11 Alii Challenge swim finishes, 230 mile stage run, 7th place Sri Chinmoy 24 hr. run

Entering UM because “it is a culture all its own. It is about people, not the competition.”



Name: Michael Hanreck

Age on Race Day: 30 M

From: London,  ENGLAND

Occupation: not listed

Recent Races: First time Ultraman. 2004 winner of Enduroman, 10k swim/150 mile ride/52.4 mile run Other events in past 2 years: IM Austria 2003, IM Lanzarote, IM Florida

Entering UM because it is a “great challenge and a fantastic reason to visit Hawaii”.


Name:  Christina Hijjawi

Age on Race Day: 34 F
From:  Greenbrae, California, USA
Occupation: Firefighter
Recent Races: Third time Ultraman Christina was the only woman to be an Ultraman finisher in Canada 2005 with a time of 33:21:32. Christina competed in UMWC in 2004, but due to seasickness on the swim, failed to make the first day?s cutoff. She continued and finished Day 3. Christina assisted Ultraman as Medical EMT in 2002, and decided this event was for her. Ironman France 2004 ? 14:30 Other events: 3 consecutive Ironman races, Christina competes in at least one marathon each month, and has completed an ultra (50k) every 3-4 months.
Entering UM because Christina has some “unfinished business” on this course.


 Name:  Leslie Holton

Age on Race Day: 37 F
From:  Pine, Colorado, USA
Occupation:  Biomedical Engineer
Recent Races:  Second time Ultraman Leslie competed in 2004, but failed to make the cutoff on Day 3. 2005 Ironman Arizona, 2004 Ironman Switzerland, 2003 Ironman USA
Other events: Vineman, IM Utah, Odessy Offroad, Wild Onion NYC 24 hour Adventure Race, Wasach 24 hour Adventure Race, Ouichita 50k Trail Run, 2 day Winter Adventure race, many short and long distance tris, marathons, SC ski and snowshoe races, Horsetooth 10K swim, Buffalo Springs,Ralph’s and Disney Half Irons, as well as multiple double centuries and back to back bike centuries, and multiple day bike tours.
Sponsored by: Oomph! Sports.
Entering UM “to settle unfinished business. And to prove to myself that I can! “


Name:  Mark Lindsey

From:  Austin, Texas, USA
Occupation:  Carpenter
Recent Races:  Third time Ultraman Mark completed 2004 Ultraman World Championshsips in UMWC in 2004 and 2005 UM Canada 32:54:37 Ironman USA, 2004, Ironman Florida 2003 ? 12:24:00 Other events: 2003, Odyssey Off-Road Iron, Great Floridian, Rocky Racoon 100 mile trail run, Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent on successive days, Trail of Tears 100 mile mountain bike, followed by Buffalo Springs Half Iron the next day. In 2003 did 3 Iron distance triathlons in 15 days.
Entering UM because “I love the people and I love this event”

Name: Ian Mayhew

Age on Race Day: 36 M

From: Alton, Hampshire, GREAT BRITAIN

Occupation: Police Officer

Recent Races: Second Time Ultraman ? Ian completed 2005 Ultraman Canada in 30:17:59 and was second off the bike on Day 2 with a time of 9:36:59 Other races: has completed 10 Ironman distance races, two within the past two years.

Entering UM because The experience in Ultraman Canada was an unbelievably emotional experience



Name: Robert Martin

Age on Race Day: 36 M

From: Richmond, Virginia, USA

Occupation: Analyst

Recent Races: First Time Ultraman.  2004 Roatan ITU race – 200K and 300K Brevets in preparation for Paris-Brest-Paris

Entering UM because he married into the Nickles family, 3 of whom have completed Ultraman, with John winning in 1999. “They have inspired me to try it and I enjoy challenging myself to new levels of sport”



Name: Peter Nickles

Age on Race Day: 67 M

From: Great Falls, Virginia, USA

Occupation: Atttorney

Recent Races: Second time Ultraman – participated in 1999, but had to withdraw due to injury from a fall on the Kohala Mountain Road near completion of Day 2.

Entering UM because “Ultradistance sports represent the ultimate athletic challenge. Having competed in the 1999 Ultraman, I can say that, quite simply, Ultraman is the greatest sporting event in the world. Ever since my crash in 1999, I have wanted to return to the Big Island to try again. Finishing the Ultraman would be my greatest athletic achievement.”



Name: Philip Nickles

Age on Race Day: 40 M

From: Great Falls, Virginia, USA

Occupation: not listed

Recent Races: Second time Ultraman, completed 1999 Ultraman World Championships in 31:12:07 Recent races: Reston 2 mile swim followed by a century ride ?

Entering UM because “These events bring my family closer together. We train and compete together. It allows us to stay close even though we all have our own busy lives.”


Name: Philip Ramsey

Age on Race Day: 39 M

From: San Rafael, California, USA

Occupation: Research Scientist

Recent Races: First time Ultraman, Phil has crewed for Gary Wang for 4 years in a row. Vineman Iron distance 12:32:36, 5 times 100 mile endurance runs since 1998, 3 double century rides, sub 24 hour finish at Western States in 2003

Entering UM for the scenery!

Name:  Martin Raymond

Age on Race Day: 43 M

From: Cumberland, Ontario, CANADA

Occupation: Fitness Instructor

Recent Races: Third time Ultraman. Ultraman 2004 6th place, Ultraman 2003 5th place. Marty’s swim time of 2:20:15 in 2004 is the 4th fastest all time record swim. Canadian National Team member

Entering UM “to improve my efficiency at this distance.”


Name: Alexandre Ribeiro

Age on Race Day: 40 M

From: Rio de Janeiro, RJ   BRAZIL

Occupation: Athletic Coach

Recent Races: Second time Ultraman ? First place finisher Ultraman 2003, Ironman 2004, 11 times Ironman World Championship Hawaii, RAAM ?98

Name:  Michael Rouse

Age on Race Day:  53 M
From:  San Diego, California, USA
Occupation:  Mizuno Territory Manager
Recent Races:  First time Ultraman ?2005 IM Arizona, 12:35, 2004 IM Lake Placid, 12:29, 1st place Dallas 50, 2nd place San Diego One Day Run (126.55 miles), 13 – 100 mile trail races, 38 – 50 mile trail races with 3 wins, 4 ? 24 hour runs.
Entering UM for a new challenge – “love the training, intensity and being outdoors”


Name: Peter Thompson

Age on Race Day: 46 M

From: Clinton, Ontario, CANADA

Occupation: Farmer

Recent Races: First time Ultraman ? 2004 Esprit Ironman Triathlon, Montreal 14:19:03 Peter has participated in 7 Ironman distance races, Climbed Mount Kenya, hiked in the Andes Mountains. Has been doing triathlons and marathons since 1982 and still having fun!

Entering UM because he feels this event would be very special especially having his team support him throughout. “I most enjoy events that have a small number of competitors with a big challenge”

Name: Gary Wang
Age on Race Day: 38 M

From: Corte Madera, California, USA

Occupation: Engineer

Recent Races: Fifth time Ultraman, 4th place in 2003 ? 26:35:41 8 times Western States 100 finisher, various 50k, 50 mile and 100k ultra-runs

Entering UM because of ALOHA “I love the people. It’s a good positive experience.”



Swimmer: Stefan Reinke

Age on Race Day:  47 M
From:  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Occupation:  Attorney
Recent Races:  First time participant in Ultraman, IM Wisconsin 2004, Waikiki Roughwater swim 2004, North Shore Swim Series 2004/2005. Dick Evans Memorial Road Race
Entering UM because of the experience and the camaraderie of competing with friends.

Cyclist:  Peter Bourne

Age on Race Day:  54 M
From:  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Occupation:  Teacher/Race Director
Recent Races:  Three time finisher, and seven time participant in Ultraman World Championships. Recent events include the Cycle to the Sun and the Dick Evans Memoral Road Race. Also a participant in the ?24 hours of Tantalus? endurance race.
Peter has officiated as USAT Marshal in Ultraman and was the USAT Regional Coordinator for 9 years. Also has Race Directed the Honolulu International Triathlon 95-98, Powerman, 95-98, Honolulu Festivals 2001-2003, Run Director for Lavaman Triathlon, and currently Race Director for the Ko Olina Triathlon.
Entering UM because “The challenge and complexities of endurance racing has always been an attraction for me. I have a deep and longstanding affection for this race over the last 22 years. I have always thought a relay would be appropriate for this event, and since knee problems do not allow me to run at this point in time, I’m here with a relay team”

Runner:  Katy Bourne

Age on Race Day:  50 F
From: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Occupation:  Teacher
Recent Races:  10-25 mile trail/road runs and races, 20 times 42 mile canoe paddling races (Molokai Channel ? Na Wahine O Ke Kai), Completed EcoChallenge 26 hours Kayak/MTB/Run), 18 marathons and has escorted Peter for 5 or 6 Ultramans.
Entering UM “for my sanity – endorphins”